Our Philosophy

  • We foster the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional growth of the children we serve in a happy and secure environment.

    Establishing the connection of God, family and school through individualized play based teaching strategies ensures that each child will develop a high sense of confidence in self, an understanding of community, high respect for fellow mankind, strong faith in God and an immeasurable love of learning that will last a lifetime.

    * A Safe and Secure Environment
    * Serves Families of Children 6 weeks to 12 years of age
    * A Dedicated, Caring and Educated Staff
    * Research based, developmentally appropriate curriculum
    * Large Playgrounds
    * Pre Kindergarten Program
    * Quality After-school Programs

Our Goals

  • Our goal, through our Curriculum, is to facilitate an environment where children learn through an effective use of time, hands on learning, self-initiated learning, and creative expression. We offer opportunities for children to learn as an individual and work together as a group while focusing on their individual developmental needs and interests.

    We facilitate activities that help children understand healthy and safe habits while putting them both into practice.

    Our classroom schedules and developmentally appropriate play areas allow children enough space to exercise control of large muscles for movement, navigation, and balance.

    While here, we also provide learning experiences that allow children to develop control of their small muscles for such purposes as using utensils, self-care, building, and exploring.

    We facilitate daily experiences with reading and writing that will lay a solid foundation for early literacy, an understanding of the spoken word, and a love of the written word. With the introduction of quality books, stories, fingerplays, learning centers, and experiences; children will be excited about the accomplishment of learning to read.

    Through early reading, writing, math, science, and social studies skills; children will be ready for success in school and life.


    Through quality interactions and guidance from adults, each child will have developed a sense of self-respect because only through respecting oneself can they learn to respect others.

    Through various experiences during the day, children will become a part of a classroom community. This will allow them to contribute as a responsible member of society throughout life.

    Each child will be ready and excited to learn. Through successful experiences, they will be willing to try new things and able to face the occasional failure.

    Through interaction with loving and caring staff, children will sense that church and school is a fun, safe and loving place to learn and socialize.

    Children will show a love for God and others. They will learn to worship God through music, song, praise and prayer in Chapel.