Frequently Asked Questions

Do the children play outside everyday?

Yes, the children play outside for a minimum of 60 minutes per day, weather permitting!

Are meals and snacks included in tuition?

Yes, the center provides breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

What is the teacher/child ratio?

It varies based on the age of the child, example, 1:5 for infants (Dolphins and Penguins), 1:6 for toddlers (Lambs and Ladybugs), 1:9 for twos (Bunnies), 1:10 for threes and early fours (Bears and Dinosaurs), 1:13 for four to fives (Sealions) and 1:15 for 5 to 12 year olds (Wildcats).

Do we still pay tuition if our child is out sick or on vacation?

Yes, your tuition secures your child's space at the center.

What is your sick policy?

Children must be symptom free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school.

Is there a late pick up charge?

Yes. Any parent picking up their child after 6:05 pm will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per child for every minute late. This will be payable before the child returns the next school day.