Parent Testimonials

Steele Creek Child Development Center is hands down the best daycare! Honestly, it does not even seem like a daycare to me because I feel like I am dropping my daughter off at a family members house every morning.

The second she arrives she is being hugged by her three teachers and she just loves it. Every single employee seems to know her name and just are so loving and accommodating. The staff turnover is incredibly low and I see why. They are treated with such respect and it makes the children are happy, and when the children are happy then the parents are happy! Way to go Steele Creek for always setting the bar so high!

  • Jennifer P.
  • Charlotte, NC

With our 2 children, we have been part of the Steel Creek Presbyterian Church Child Development Center family for close to 6 years. I feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful child care facility for my children to spend their time. The center provides a loving and caring Christian environment with a uplifting enrichment program. Our oldest child was at the center from age 3 month to until he when to Kindergarten. The center did an outstanding job preparing him for a school. He transitioned to the more structured and demanding Kindergarten environment with ease and academically ready. The center’s staff enabled and encouraged him to be outgoing, socially responsible and respectful to other. What more could you ask for!

  • Alison H.
  • Charlotte, NC

Olivia has been a student at Steele Creek CDC since 2009. The staff at Steelcreek CDC is excellent. She is truly loved and well cared for by the staff. They ensure she has well balanced meal and snacks. They have not only enriched the life of our child, but our entire family with their Christian values they incorporate in their lessons. Our family is grateful to the staff at Steele Creek CDC and they will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

  • Lisa W.
  • Charlotte, NC

My daughter, Sadie, has been attending Steele Creek Presbyterian Child Development Center since February 2013, and I could not be happier with our experience. All the staff get to know the children on a personal level, and they truly care about their development. They communicate with parents and encourage parental involvement, while creating a fun, engaging environment for the children and families.

I first learned about Steele Creek CDC through co-workers, all of which had only positive comments about the organization. When I attended an open house and met the staff, I knew it would be the right place for my family. As a first-time parent, child care was the one thing that made me the most nervous. I knew most places would meet my daughters basic needs, but I wanted her to be in a place where she felt loved as well (after all, I recognized she would be spending most of her waking hours in child care, rather than with me after I went back to work). Steele Creek CDC is that place. They make me feel like they love my Sadie just as much as I do, and that's the most comforting thing to me as a mother. Sadie loves her teachers and staff, and she gets a smile on her face every time we walk through the door at Steele Creek CDC. Knowing she is happy and content affirms that I made the right decision in choosing Steele Creek CDC.

  • Hailey K.
  • Charlotte, NC